Change the way you learn to speak English

English & Golf Experience is an active way
to learn to speak English fluently.

Start with a trail

Fluency. Made Possible.

Motivation and participation are vital ingredients in the learning process. English Golf Experience is an active way to learn to speak English through golf 

How you will speak English fluently through golf…

  1. Personalised
    First we listen to you to assess your level and determine your learning objectives. Then we create a training programme to help you reach your goals
  2. Personalised
    You will learn English through your actions and a series of activities.
  3. Real-Life Situations
    A core part of the programme is to build your confidence and prepare you to speak English in the real world.
  4. Support
    We are with you every step of the way. We will prepare for you an English Training plan that strengthens your communication skills.

You never forget a good teacher

English Golf Experience was founded by Jonathan Ballantine, a native English trainer, and certified by the University of Cambridge to teach English as a second language.

Jonathan has been living in Spain for over ten years. He is also passionate about sports and outdoor activities.

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