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Do you know how you learn?

Many people in Spain call me an English Teacher because I ¨ teach ¨ English, and they will then ask me what method I use. When I was first asked […]

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Spanish Grammar v English Grammar

After living in Spain for over 10 years I am still surprised by how much time, energy and effort Spanish people put into learning English grammar. One person told me […]

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“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.¨

Over 20 years ago I graduated from Liverpool University. The day after my graduation I started my career working for a strategy consultant firm in London. During my first week […]

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Are you ready to invest in You?

There’s nothing like the start of a new year to inspire our hopes and optimism. And it´s also a great time to rethink our approach to learning English. Many Spanish […]

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3 Steps to Better English

Learning English can be confusing; Learn new grammar rules Attend classes at a language school Read textbooks Complete grammar exercises Memorise verb tables and new vocabulary Take Exams   What if […]

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4 steps towards speaking performance

Over the last 25 years I have met English learners from all over the world, from countries such as Brazil, Japan, Italy, Thailand, France, Cambodia, South Korea, Chile, Vietnam, Russia […]

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Making mistakes is key to learning

Many Spanish people I talk to are worried about making mistakes when speaking English. To the point where they will not speak with me in English. If I had a […]

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Learning through Experiences

The purpose of our platform is to identify strategies to improve and enhance your English speaking skills.  If we contrast the process we used to learn our mother tongue against […]

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You never forget a good teacher

English Golf Experience was founded by Jonathan Ballantine, a native English trainer, and certified by the University of Cambridge to teach English as a second language.

Jonathan has been living in Spain for over ten years. He is also passionate about sports and outdoor activities.

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